Connect to your inner strength during or after pregnancy

Pilates develops core/inner strength in a different way to most exercise, including yoga. It is particularly good for pregnancy as it uses precisely controlled movement of the body, that radiates outwards, balancing the mind. As ligaments loosen and the body changes drastically to prepare itself for birth, we work with you to ensure health of your core, body and mind, without overstraining, in low impact and medically approved exercise.


What will you do in pre or postnatal classes?

The Aalaya team will take you on a physical journey that will strengthen your body and focus your mind throughout pregnancy and beyond. Their studio is equipped with top of the range equipment and mat work programs are specially designed for the entire 40 weeks and into your post labour recovery. Power through pregnancy the Aalaya Pilates way.


Prenatal pilates

In our prenatal program you’ll:

  • strengthen your deep abdominal muscles to support the extra weight.

  • learn to connect with the pelvic floor muscles for labour preparation.

  • strengthen, stabilize and stretch the muscles supporting all joints.

  • strengthen your deep back muscles for spinal support.

  • learn breathing techniques the pilates way.


**For women in the 1st trimester, we ask that you seek clearance from your doctor before starting the Pilates program.

You can join our weekly prenatal mat classes /group reformer or a personalised equipment classes.


Postnatal pilates

The postnatal program is specially designed for women exercising after giving birth. You’ll need to see your doctor to make sure your body is ready for exercise again before starting. Gently rebuilding the body’s strength, it will help you reconnect with your body and recover. You’ll:

  • redevelop your core in the form of abdominal and pelvic floor muscles.

  • strengthen the upper body & improve posture.

  • focus on breath.

  • connect to your mind through your body in a totally new way. The Aalaya Pilates way.