Improve your swings

Pilates is great for perfecting your golf game. Most recreational golfers spend a lot of time and money working on their golf swing but very little time preparing their bodies for golf itself. With pilates you can develop a certain kind of strength - a core, inner strength. This helps with the physical side of golf, while also balancing the mind for extra focus during games.


Connect to your inner strength for golfing perfection

Pilates develops core/inner strength in a different way to most exercise, including yoga. Pilates is based on movement from the center of the body, as are most shots in golf. Strengthening the core or center of the body improves hip rotation, range of motion in the shoulders and back stability leading to more powerful and accurate golf shots. Small, focussed, movements improve body awareness which helps throughout playing all holes. Agility, flexibility and movement are also improved, good for the game itself.


What will you do in pilates for golf?

The Aalaya team will take you on a physical journey that will strengthen your body and mind as you work to improve your handicap and your game generally. Their studio is equipped with top of the range equipment and mat work programs that are designed for you.


Golfing performance benefits

Core strength - A stronger core is essential for proper movement patterns in your golf swing as it elongates and aligns the spine for better stability, and builds up the back muscles evenly. This creates a smoother and more powerful swing - with evenly conditioned back muscles.


Golf posture - Proper posture is important for proper rotation in your golf swing. Better posture will increase your dubhead speed leading to more length off the tee, with less fatigue as there’s less strain on the body. You will be able to hold your position long enough to play through a shot effectively.


Flexibility and strength - Attain an optimal backswing and follow-through with increased range of motion in the shoulder. You’ll get more distance and power because of increased hip and torso flexibility. You will also gain muscular strength to be able to hold one segment of your body stable while being flexible enough to move another. This ensures pain-free golf!


Balance - On the psychological side, a balanced body to mind flow enhances concentration for the game. Physically, with better balance, you can stabilize your feet for powerful weight shifts during golf swings.