Mira Hassan

Mira Hassan believes that the practice of Pilates can lead to a body to mind, strengthening transformation that will change the life of those who seriously embrace it. Formerly a professional dancer, graduated with BA Dance from VCA, University of Melbourne, Mira has more than 10 years of international pilates teaching experience. She is APMA certified (Australia), Pilates International certified (Australia) and BASI certified (USA).

Over the years, she has taught at various top studios in Melbourne, London, and Amsterdam. Prior to relocating to Jakarta, Mira owned and ran her successful studio in Amsterdam, The Movement Practice. Mira continues her pilates education, and that of her teachers, to bring the best pilates has to offer to her studio. In early 2015, she sold The Movement Practice to relocate to Jakarta, Indonesia where she continues to empower her new clientele to strengthen their body and minds. In 2016 Mira founded Aalaya Pilates in Jakarta.

Mira has recently completed the BASI Legacy Program.

  • Mentor - Munich (Germany) 2014

  • Master I & II - California (USA) January 2019

  • Honors - California (USA) May 2019

“ My clients can use what they learn from pilates & incorporate the principles into their daily tasks, whether it is cleaning dishes or sitting at desk. “

When she is not teaching and practising her passion - pilates, Mira also runs, does yoga and sweats at CrossFit

Photo credit: Pilates Anytime USA