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Abigail Jessica

Jessica is a BASI Pilates certified instructor. Her own personal experience of the benefit of Pilates in her scoliosis inspired her to become a Pilates Instructor. She believes Pilates should be fun and rewarding. 

Jessica was first diagnosed with scoliosis when she was 11 years old. Unlike normal spine, her spine has an s-curvature. As a result, she often had headaches, body aches, breathing difficulty and tensions around the neck and shoulders. In 2012, she read about Pilates and how it can help with scoliosis. So, she started going as a private client. She felt in love with Pilates right away. After the first session she already felt better, her breathing was lighter, tensions eased, and after few sessions she noticed that she hasn’t consumed any pain killer pills in quite a while. 

So, after feeling the benefit of Pilates for some time, in 2016, she decided that it is time for her to give back, to help others like her and to spread the joy and benefits of pilates to more people by being a pilates instructor. She believes that pilates class should be fun and rewarding. In this she strives to make her clients feel better about themselves after each class and inspire them to be better in the next class.